Paul Asoyan

Google Cloud Partnerships, Google
Subject: How to Become a Manager:
Leadership, Working with Employees and Teams.
12 years

of employment at Google starting from Staffing Professional

4 years

working in Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud

In 2013

he became the Partner Success Manager of the year in North America

What working with Paul Asoyan has to offer:

expert analysis of your needs


company analysis and detection of pressure points


comprehensive curriculum


practical tools


a customised plan to introduce changes


support and consulting throughout the transition period

Successful training cases from leading speakers
On balance, such training is more than effective. It’s unusual, and at first it’s hard to believe it’s not theory but practice, but by the end of the second day of communicating with such a fantastic expert, a current executive at Google, you realise that you have been changed, subtly but effectively. This change wasn’t forced but inspired by the speaker’s example.
Olesya Mashkina
The training was brilliant! What surprised me was that although we talked a lot, there was still a lot of theory and practice to go over each day. The training definitely helped all of us improve, me personally and the company as a whole. What I remembered the most was the focus on the most important thing, OKR, and Paul’s charisma, obviously.
Alena Nesiforova
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