Gertje van Roessel

International coordinator at Buurtzorg
Subject: introducing a self-management system
13 years 

of teaching Buurtzorg employees

In 1983,

she began her career as a nurse in a mental health institution

37 years

of working in the healthcare industry

What working with Gertje van Roessel has to offer:

expert analysis of your needs


company analysis and detection of pressure points


comprehensive curriculum


practical tools


a customised plan to introduce changes


support and consulting throughout the transition period

Successful training cases from leading speakers
Gertje’s visit was a new experience for me, which made me look at solutions to different problems from a new angle. Gertje showed me by personal example that self-management is definitely real. Self-management is a daily, labor-consuming effort of the entire company. My colleagues and my teams wanted to improve the quality of service and to put the client at the centre of it. I personally took steps to create an environment where team members could openly discuss anything and each employee felt safe, even in times of conflict. Feedback showed that it was important for every team member.
Olga Gennadiyevna Voropayeva
The interactions Gertje told us about (citing examples) turned out effective, and my teams and I now use them often. With Gertje’s tools, we are moving ahead confidently. We are deeply grateful to Gertje for the training in our company. Our teams use her tools in practice. Our efficiency has noticeably improved, and we are moving forward! I’m sure that we are going in the right direction thanks to Gertje.
Nadezhda Vladimirovna Shmeleva
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