Objectives and Key Results:  OKR. 
Learning of how to build high-performing teams

Video course from the Global Program Manager at Google
Instead of learning them in theory, see the world’s best business practices in action!

Joaquin Paz
Global Program Manager at Google
MBA, 7 years @Google, startups expert, Design Sprint specialist, international speaker. Highly accomplished and versatile business development professional with over 7 years of experience in strategic selling, client acquisition and relationship management. 
Expert assimilation of advanced selling strategies, broad-based financial knowledge, leveraging a distinguished, multi-disciplinary background in management consultancy. Impeccable communicative abilities with a proven track record of being instrumental in bolstering profitability.
“I hope I can simplify all the learnings I have obtained while working at one of the most innovative and valuable companies on the planet. In this course, I will teach you how you can use the practices of OKRs to run miles, sell everything you set your mind to, read hundreds of books, and launch your own business, just like the “giants”. OKRs are made up of little but meaningful cascades, and you'll be able to apply them in every scenario—from the workplace to your everyday life.

So now, brace yourself for impact - I created this course to help you get a head start in today's evolving world by using timeless OKR standards and cutting-edge tools employed by the world's greatest minds and enterprises throughout history like Page, Bono, and Gates.”


2 million

more than 2 million custom servers around the globe

1 billion

more than 1 billion search queries are processed daily


controls 86.6% of the search engine market

Who should join? 
✦ Business owners & CEOs, who want to improve the efficiency and engagement of teams
✦ C-executives, who are looking for the ways of achieving the necessary results in business
✦ Employees, who would like to know the principles of OKRs and use them in the work process
What is an OKR?
Why OKRs?
  • Leaders of powerful, multinational corporations and global brands such as Google, Netflix, Uber, Slack, GoPro, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Twitter, AirBnB, Walmart, Target, The Guardian, Disney, BMW, Samsung, ING Bank and many others now use this approach to reach great results.
  • Google adopted OKRs in 1999, during its first year. It boosted Google's growth from a 40 people startup to a 140k employees business engine.
  • OKRs helped Google Chrome surpass the 100 million active users threshold only a few months after launch.
  • By using the OKR methodology, Intel “beat” Motorolla - the main competitor in producing powerful microprocessors.
By the end of the course, you’ll have:
Learned the ins and outs of OKRs course theory, tools, and skills
Demonstrated your knowledge of the OKRs process through real-life application
Created connections with like-minded individuals to help you go further than ever imagined
Build a more intimate connection with your principles in order to achieve great things in your personal and professional life
Course program

Throughout this course, you’ll work through the entirety of the OKRs framework, which we've broken up into 4 key areas:

Discover: Understanding the history and foundation of OKRs

Transform: Anecdotes and exercises to transform, illuminate, and integrate OKRs into your day to day thinking

Apply: Bringing your goals to life through the application of OKRs

Validate: Test your frameworks, network with the community, and so much more!


Enter a New Dimension

Where do OKRs come from?

How Intel Used OKRs to Survive Catastrophe... and Thrive!

How OKRs Transformed Me

OKRs Applied: From Selling Vacuum Cleaners to Manager at Google

OKRs Applied: Going From "Zero to 60"

OKRs Applied: From an Idea to Launching a Startup with a Team of 20

How OKRs Can Transform Your Career

Decide What Matters

Connect with Others to Create a Driving Force

Tracking, tracking, tracking

Stretch time! Reach the "impossible”

How OKRs Can Transform Your Business

Open Conversations to Achieve Superb Results

Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition for Success

The Building Blocks for Your Team's Culture

OKRs Applied: Bono's ONE Campaign Then & Now

Course Wrap Up & Next Steps
Each country has its own specifics of doing business. How useful could be the practical knowledge received from a foreign speaker in application to my local business specifics?
Although each country has its own cultural and business specifics, innovative ideas, trends in marketing, management and overall business don’t have geographical borders. Learning and networking with our speakers in the US, you will have a unique opportunity to learn new ideas/trends and be a step ahead of your local competitors.  
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, leave a request on the site, we will call you back and select a convenient payment method.
What language is the course in?
[ B2C ] Individual
B2C course from the Global Program Manager at Google
5 hours of concentrated
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Video access for 3 months
Up to 10 licences
5 hours of concentrated
knowledge and cases
Customized course program 
Created by the Global Program Manager at Google
Feedback from an expert
Certificate of completion
Video access for 3 months
[ B2B ] Premium
up to 20 licenses
5 hours of concentrsted
knowledge and cases
Feedback from an expert and 1,5 individual Q&A session with an expert
Certificate of completion
Video access for 3 months
[ B2B ] Unlimited
unlimited number of licenses
5 hours of concentrsted
knowledge and cases
Feedback from an expert and 2 hours individual Q&A session with an expert
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