November 11–16, 2019

HR Management Tour: USA

July 22–28, 2019

The Pillars of Chinese Innovation


Business Tour: Leading American Retail Chains


Innovative Retail Tour: China

May 20–25, 2020

Innovation and Effectiveness in European Retail

June 10-16, 2019

Management Tour of Silicon Valley

June 10–15, 2019

It’s All about Innovation: Best Practices in Silicon Valley


Smart Company Party in Las Vegas


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FastForward has been arranging management tours since 2006
Since 2006, we have been professionally arranging open and corporate visits that offer participants the chance to gain experience, knowledge, and valuable business contacts.

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Management tour participants have the opportunity to learn the real reasons behind the success of a leading business. They will get an understanding of the factors driving growth through in-depth analysis, observation, and direct communication with top managers – the people who built their companies’ bright futures.

Dmitry Bondar
FastForward Founder
Dmitry Bondar

Alesya has been working at the company for seven years, making 50,000-dollar deals even in times of crisis. She is the CEO of the only business in the CIS that helps its clients learn by studying the practices of global market leaders. Alesya considers the company her second family and for her, tea with clients by the sea is the tastiest tea in the world.

Alesya Gluschuk
Alesya Gluschuk

We have completed more than 200 management tours
Please look through some of the unique management tours organised by FastForward in the past. It is virtually impossible to describe all the ideas, thoughts, and discoveries made by the participants.
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In addition to our scheduled open tours, FastForward offers exclusive management tours for your company only. 

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