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Video course by the Director of Customer Experience Strategy at DoorDash (USA).

6 study modules 

8 year of experience in project management
Expert from the biigest delivery service in the USA 
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[ Expert and speaker ]
Anastasia Zdorovyak
Customer Experience Strategy at DoorDash | Operations and Business Innovation Expert 
Anastasia is a business and operations management and strategic marketing specialist with over 8 years of project management experience in product and strategy development.
DoorDash Inc. is an American made-to-measure delivery service founded in 2013. DoorDash is one of several technology companies that uses food delivery logistics services from restaurants to order. Today, it operates in more than 4,000 cities in the US and Canada and offers delivery from 340,000 locations. The company is valued at $16 billion and is the largest courier delivery service in 2019.
$27 bln.

Estimated value of the company. (DoorDash at IPO)


cities of the USA and Canada have DoorDash delivery service

in 2019

DoorDash surpassed Grubhub and Uber Eats and became the biggest delivery service in the USA

Who is target audience of this course?
✦ Founders
✦ Client service directors
✦ Digital transformation managers
✦ Marketing-directors
✦ E-commerce directors
После прохождения курса вы:

Optimise costs
of the client service .

Invest effectively

into service and customer loyalty, which will ensure long-term business growth.

Set the metrics

evaluating the effectiveness and quality of your customer service.

Learn how to work with helpdesk data to

improve the quality of the product/service.

You will understand what reforms are worth implementing in order to get away from the former “cost unit” scheme.

Course program
Module 1. The psychology of a dissatisfied customer.

Lesson 1. How customer psychology works: what customers expect from a brand.

Lesson 2. What you need to do to increase customer loyalty and improve brand image.

Lesson 3. Why customers react emotionally to bad service and how such a reaction affects business/brand loyalty.

Lesson 4. Effective strategies for dealing with negative feedback.

Lesson 5. Techniques for converting negative emotions into positive ones in customer service.

Module 2. Help desk mission and service-focused differentiation

Lesson 1. What to do if your service or product didn't meet customer expectations.

Lesson 2. How to fix product/service errors.

Lesson 3. How to identify pain points in the current customer experience.

Lesson 4. The right strategy for communicating the company's brand mission.

Module 3. Quality and Operational Efficiency

Lesson 1. How to measure quality and operational efficiency.

Lesson 2. Techniques for improving operational efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Lesson 3. How to build your own customer service, instead of outsourcing. 

Lesson 4. How to work with contractors providing call center operators.

Module 4. How to effectively invest in a help desk service

Lesson 1

Lesson 2: How to estimate the ROI of your customer service investment.

Lesson 3. Practical cases of effective and ineffective investments in the customer service.

Module 5. Customer Service Metrics

Lesson 1. How much $ do you lose by not tracking the results of improvements in the shopping experience.

Lesson 2. What are the quality metrics of the customer service. 

Lesson 3. Benchmarks to track customer experience as strategy and service change.

Module 6. Personalize your experience with helpdesk

Lesson 1. How the "emotional element" affects long-term brand loyalty.

Lesson 2. Why personalization of experiences works.

Lesson 3. How to segment customers and understand the needs of each segment.

Lesson 4. How to personalize the customer experience. 

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