Foodtech and Food Innovation: Israel

8 days
11 companies
Instead of learning them in theory, see the world’s best business practices in action!

Day 1

The group arrives at Tel Aviv

Transfer to the hotel

Day 2. A tour of Tel Aviv

It’s a walk through the cultural capital of Israel, the ancient and very modern Tel Aviv.

The tour begins in the historic centre, the ancient city of Jaffa. We will take a walk along its ancient streets, galleries, art studios, salons, and flea markets and try pomegranate wine. We will see traces of the presence of the Crusaders, the Arabs, and the British.

Modern Tel Aviv is very eclectic, with new office buildings towering over slums and skyscrapers standing right next to historical buildings from the beginning of the last century. Our journey ends in one of the most important places in the country, where the Declaration of Independence of Israel was read.

Day 3
Wasteless. Trigo

Visit to Wasteless

Line of business: pricing
In order to increase revenue and reduce waste, Wasteless’s pricing system uses a machine learning method called Reinforced Learning. It monitors consumers’ reactions to prices for its users to be able to develop an optimal discount policy. Winner of numerous awards, including Kairos, Seeds & Chips, Emerce Top European Start-ups, AGFunder, and Foodbytes from Rabobank NYC, the company is primarily focused on rebuilding the nutritional system by preventing food waste.

Transfer to Ramat Gan

Visit to Trigo

Line of business: AI
Trigo is a computer vision start-up that is transforming the retail experience. Using artificial intelligence and world-class algorithm experts, the company's advanced retail automation platform identifies customer products with high accuracy, creating an easy checkout process. Trigo technology streamlines retail operations, prevents theft in stores, provides invaluable retail information, and opens up new levels of customer engagement in grocery shopping.

Day 4
Tipa. Wolt

Transfer to Hod Hasharon

Visit to Tipa

Line of business: biodegradable packaging
The company has developed revolutionary biodegradable packaging for the food industry. Unlike conventional plastic packaging, which takes decades to biodegrade, Tipa’s packaging biodegrades into industrial compost in 180 days.

Visit to Wolt

Line of business: delivery service
Wolt is a Finnish tech company known for its food delivery platform. Customers can order food from the platform’s restaurant partners via mobile apps or a web browser and either pick it up or have it delivered by the platform’s courier partners. Average delivery time is 30 minutes. Wolt’s General Manager in Israel, Imri Galai, says the company offers takeaway from about 200 restaurants, up from 30 when it first entered the country, and makes around 1,000 deliveries only in Tel Aviv, where the service was launched. Expansion is planned to neighbouring cities such as Ramat Gan and eventually across the country. For restaurants, the costs of using Wolt and similar services are high, ranging from 20% to 30% of the cost of a menu item. Once they reach a certain business volume, Wolt also demands that they buy a special tablet computer for NIS 1,600 ($ 454).

• Transfer to Tel Aviv

Day 5
Tiv Ta'am. Bio-Fence

Transfer to Ashdod

Visit to Tiv Ta'am

Line of business: supermarket
Tiv Ta'am is an Israeli supermarket chain known for being the country’s most famous supplier of pork and other foods considered non-kosher in Judaism. In 2020, there were over 40 Tiv Ta'am branches in Israel. The company is also involved in food processing and worked previously in telecommunications. The Tiv Ta'am Group announced that its 2020 profits reached a record high, with revenues growing 14.8% to reach NIS 1.579 million, up from NIS 1.375 million in the previous year.

Visit to Bio-Fence

Line of business: antimicrobial coatings and paints
Bio-Fence seeks to create antimicrobial coatings and paints that destroy microorganisms on contact. Biosecurity significantly reduces morbidity and mortality from contaminated food. Bio-Fence is developing a new antimicrobial molecule that can be incorporated into any coating or paint used in food. Antimicrobial surface can reduce up to 99.999% of microorganisms on surfaces and thus significantly reduce the presence of dangerous pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and Campylobacter.

Day 6
Myfavoreats. The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Visit to Myfavoreats

Line of business: smart recipe platform
MyFavorEats has developed a platform that enables users to tailor recipes to their preferences. The platform transforms online recipes into smart, customizable recipes using culinary and dietary data.

Visit to The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Line of business: food industry incubator
The Kitchen is the only Israeli incubator focused on foodtech. It tackles global food challenges by leveraging Israel's renowned ecosystem of innovation. The company works to make the global food chain more productive, affordable, sustainable, and healthy by investing in the most advanced tech start-ups.

Day 7
Aleph Farms. Shufersal

Transfer to Rehovot

Visit to Aleph Farms

Line of business: developing an alternative to meat
Aleph Farms is a tech start-up that grows whole cuts of stake from cells using a 3D tissue engineering platform. The company was founded in 2017 with the Israeli technology incubator The Kitchen by Strauss Group Ltd. and Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

Visit to Shufersal

Line of business: supermarkets
Shufersal is the largest supermarket chain in Israel. It has 378 stores, including 83 branches of Be Pharmstores Ltd, and 15,800 employees. Shufersals sells over 1,300 branded products in its stores. In 2019, the company’s revenue was about $ 400 million.

Day 8

Transfer to Jerusalem

A tour of Jerusalem
We will visit:
The observation deck on the Mount of Olives that commands a beautiful view of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Temple Mount, where one of the most important mosques in Islam, the El-Aqsa Mosque, is located;
The Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed on the last night before his arrest;

Old Town quarters and Roma Cardo Street.

Day 9

The group returns home.

Small changes to the programme and visits to alternative businesses are possible due to scheduling conflicts and the human factor. We may also adapt the schedule to suit your wishes and needs.
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Learn in practice effective management approaches.
Meet a unique community of entrepreneurs.
Find out the real reason for the success of the world's leading companies.
You will be able to learn from the experience of the best.

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  • Visiting companies listed in the program;
  • Meetings with company employees stated in the program;
  • Interpreter;
  • Transport support along the entire route;
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  • Assistance in obtaining a visa;
  • Accompaniment by an expert from FastForward;
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