Foodtech Start-ups, Waste Management, and New Retail Formats
France, Belgium, the Netherlands

Instead of learning them in theory, see the world’s best business practices in action!
Day 1

The group arrives in Brussels

Transfer to the hotel

Welcome and get-to-know-you dinner

Day 2

Visit to Carrefour
Line of business: supermarket chain

Carrefour SA (from the French word for “crossroads”, pronounced [kaʁfuʁ]) is a French retailer and operator of the eponymous retail chain. The company was founded in 1959. Carrefour Belgium is a part of the international Carrefour Group, one of the world’s leaders in food distribution. Carrefour Belgium is one of Belgium’s largest food distributors with the most geographic presence of any food retailer in the country. In Belgium, the chain has more than 800 stores, over 3 million active customers, 40 Carrefour hypermarkets, more than 440 Carrefour Markets, about 300 Carrefour Express stores, and upwards of 200 Carrefour Drive takeaway points. .

Visit to Deliveroo

Line of business: food delivery
Deliveroo is an Internet food delivery company founded by William Shu in London, England in 2013. Deliveroo operates in more than 200 locations in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Its subsidiary, Deliveroo Editions, is focused on developing a chain of ghost-kitchens outside restaurants that prepare delivery-only meals. Deliveroo raised USD 1.7 billion in funding over 11 rounds. The latest investment was received on January 17, 2021 as part of the H Series. Approximately 2,300 employees work in almost 800 cities across 12 markets.

Transfer to Paris

Day 3

Visit to DigitalFoodLab

Line of business: акселератор
DigitalFoodLab helps entrepreneurs, investors and food corporations to grow in food technology. DigitalFoodLab was created by foodtech experts and entrepreneurs. With clients in the agri-food industry and beyond, the company provides negotiation, business intelligence, and strategy innovation services. DigitalFoodLab also organises DigitalFoodClub events with the aim of building and developing the French foodtech ecosystem. After four years and 22 events, DigitalFoodClub has become a meeting place for entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations in Paris and other French cities. Its partners include Danone, Coca Cola, and Uber Eats..

Visit to Siga

Line of business: : healthy lifestyle, environmentalism, recipes
Siga works with retail and foodservice brands. It offers quality analysis and a unique method of evaluating products and food ingredients. Siga helps vendors to assess customer expectations and move beyond the production or selling of healthy food.

dinner at Pret-a-Manger

Day 4

Visit to Phenix

Line of business: healthy lifestyle, environmentalism, recipes

Phenix is a web and service platform offering waste reduction services. The French start-up raised EUR 15 million to become a leader in Europe. With it, users can save more than 100,000 meals a day and prevent up to 50 tonnes of food from being wasted. Phenix aims to give second life to food and non-food products in a variety of sectors, including charity. It supports over 1,000 business clients including retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, shopping malls, catering businesses, and event agencies, helping them manage their unsold and unusable waste through a web platform and a range of comprehensive collaborative and logistics services. Phenix provides four alternatives to garbage:
- Phenix mobile app allowing users to buy unsold goods at discounts;
- Donations to food aid associations to give a second life to unsold goods; - Donations of unsold food and leftovers that can no longer be consumed by humans to be used as animal feed (farms, zoos, etc);
- Compost and anaerobic waste disposal.

Visit to Agricool

Line of business: : healthy lifestyle, environmentalism, recipes

Agricool is a French company that produces and sells city-grown fruit and vegetables in containers called Cooltainers. The company has developed a unique technology to grow fruit and vegetables in recycled containers. Inside, these containers have the best lighting, temperature, irrigation, and air quality. Thus, 35 square metres of land can be used to grow as much food as 4,000 square metres of traditional agricultural land can. The products are grown without pesticides or transportation and with 100% renewable energy. The start-up combines aeroponics with a vertical farming system. At the heart of the business is the idea that organic fruit and vegetables can be available all year round. For these purposes, the company has adapted old shipping containers to grow non-GMO and pesticide-free products.


Flight to Amsterdam

Day 5

Transfer to Wageningen

Visit to Wageningen University

Line of business: research
Wageningen University is a major university in the Netherlands specialising in natural sciences. It was founded as an agricultural school in Wageningen, the Netherlands on March 9, 1918. The university trains professionals (Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs) in life sciences and social studies and focuses its research on scientific, social, and commercial issues in life sciences and natural resources. The university has about 12,000 students from more than 100 countries. It is also a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS).

Return to Amsterdam

Day 6

Visit to Kitchen Republic

Line of business: food accelerator

Kitchen Republic is a business incubator in the food industry and a fully equipped commercial kitchen that lowers the entry barrier for local manufacturers, start-ups, and quality food service providers, helping them to grow their businesses. Kitchen Republic is committed to supporting and helping local food businesses to develop. The company does this by creating an ideal food-tech environment for small entrepreneurs. Houthaven’s Kitchen Republic offers 5000 sq. feet of kitchen space, works on sales opportunities, and helps businesses with the knowledge and networking they require to be able to operate. Kitchen Republic provides access to fully equipped starter kitchens, plug & play scalable appliances, superb rental kitchens, office space, and event venues.

Visit to  Albert Heijn

Line of business: supermarket chain

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Founded in 1887, it is the country’s leading food retailer and the market leader in online grocery shopping. It also operates stores in Belgium and Germany. The company’s mission is to offer all the ingredients for a better life. Albert Heijn brings high-quality, safe, sustainable, and wholesome food to millions of customers every day. It currently uses three different price levels. Other Albert Heijn formats include,, and Albert Heijn to Go. The company uses many innovations in stores including a free smartphone app, AH Mobile, where users can make shopping lists, order groceries, and look up recipes from Allerhand. AH Self-scan is a smart way to do shopping, where customers can scan their products themselves using a hand-held scanner and pack them immediately, without having to stand in line at the cash register. Google Assistant and Google Home help users to prepare food with the groceries they had bought at the store, suggest recipes to choose from, and oversee the couriers’ work.
- More than 1,000 stores
- Albert Heijn’s current market share is 42%
- about 100,000 employees


Day 7

A tour of Amsterdam
On the tour, you will see all the best parts of Amsterdam:
- the canals and the crooked houses;
- the Royal Palace and the narrowest buildings;
- the medieval Waag (“weigh house”) and the Begijnhof;
- the old prison and the flower market;
- you will also have a chance to look at the city from above and to try the best herring in Amsterdam;
- secret places that the Amsterdammers don’t usually show to strangers, places that hold the soul and wonder of this charming city.
You will also learn:
- what one may find in a Dutch cathedral;
- how the King earns money on the side;
- how the Russians fist engaged in industrial espionage in the Netherlands;
- how the Dutch character was built through centuries;
- how Amsterdam and the Amsterdammers live today, what kinds of things they consider important and not so much, what makes them happy and what makes them anxious.

Day 8

group return home

Small changes and replacement by alternative companies are possible in the program due to the work of offices and the human factor. We can also adapt the program to your wishes and needs.
What will you get from participation?
Learn about technological innovations in the food industry.
Get a tremendous charge of new breakthrough ideas for business development.
Learn in practice effective management approaches.
Meet a unique community of entrepreneurs.
Find out the real reason for the success of the world's leading companies.
You will be able to learn from the experience of the best.

The cost of the program includes:


  • City tour;
  • Visiting companies listed in the program;
  • Meetings with company employees stated in the program;
  • Interpreter;
  • Transport support along the entire route;
  • Information materials on the program;
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa;
  • Accompaniment by an expert from FastForward;
  • Welcome dinner;
  • All taxes and fees.


The cost of the program does NOT include:


  • Air tickets;
  • Accommodation;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • Visa fees.
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