Malaysia: Last-Mile Delivery and Online Customer Psychology

5 Days
10 companies
Instead of learning them in theory, see the world’s best business practices in action!
Who will benefit from this tour?
The tour is suitable for business owners and managers who are interested in increasing the speed of delivery by optimizing internal processes, as well as those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of customer behaviour.

Day 1
July 10

The group arrives at Kuala-Lumpur.

Transfer to hotel

Day 2
July 11

A tour of Kuala-Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital has not yet failed to impress a tourist. Its architectural diversity is particularly striking. Here, temples of all religions stand next to ultra-modern skyscrapers, and the soaring television tower rises above the serene greenery of the parks. An experienced personal guide will tell you the basic facts of the city’s relatively short history (Kuala Lumpur was founded in 1857) and show its many attractions. The programme includes a tour of the Petronas Towers, twin skyscrapers frequently seen in films and photographs; the Independence Square (Excurzilla recommends visiting the National Museum of History there); the Menara tower in the Central Lake Park, which deserves a tour of its own; the old train station; Jamek Mosque and Tian Hou Temple. After exploring the cultural treasures of the Malaysian capital, there will be time for some shopping. Ask your guide to show you the best boutiques on Bukit Bintang Street, with reasonable prices and a wide selection of goods.

Welcome dinner

Day 3
July 12

Visit to Jump Retail

Line of business: обзор ритейл рынка
Jump Retail - ведущий специалист в области управления розничной торговлей. Компания обеспечивает эффективные маркетинговые операции в магазинах с партнерами по розничной торговле по всей Малайзии. В арсенале компании сотрудничество с такими мировыми брендами как Nestle и Nescafe.
Обзор ритейл рынка страны проведет главный специалист компании Оои Чи Ки, который имеет более чем 17-летний опыт работы в индустрии FMCG и занимал различные важные должности в торговых операциях, торговле и бренд-маркетинге, управлении клиентами, ключевыми клиентами, управлении клиентами и дистрибьюторами в компаниях Nestlé и DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Visit to Lotus’s

Line of business: retail
Lotus (formerly known as Tesco Lotus) is a Thailand-based retail chain that operates in Malaysia, having acquired Tesco’s Malaysian subsidiaries in 2021. Tesco Lotus stores currently operate in five formats: Extra, Hypermarket, Department Store, Talad, and Express. Larger stores are often located in malls and have food courts and many other shops and kiosks, as well as large car parks. Tesco Lotus also offers a range of retail and financial services including bill payment, personal loans (Tesco Premier), Tesco Visa, and Tesco insurance broker. As of the beginning of 2018, the total retail space of Tesco Lotus was 1.4 million square metres. Tesco Malaysia is a leading food retailer and one of the most recognised retail brands in Malaysia. In the fiscal year ending 23 February 2019, the company generated approximately £ 800 million in revenue (excluding VAT). It operates a chain of 68 stores across Malaysia. Tesco Malaysia supplies its stores from two distribution centres in Malaysia. Interestingly, the company’s shops and distribution centres located above and underground. Tesco is one of the first supermarkets in Malaysia to offer online grocery delivery service. It offers daily delivery with a selected two-hour interval, allowing customers to book slots three weeks in advance. In Malaysia’s food and personal care market, is number one with revenues upwards of USD 20 million in 2020. Moreover, accounts for 5-10% of net e-commerce sales in this category. Tesco’s operating profit in Asia increased 33.5% in 2019, the last full trading year before its sale to Charoen Pokphand in Thailand. Tesco reported a profit of £ 426 million and a profit of 8.2% in Asia from sales of £ 5.2 billion.

Day 4
July 13 

Visit to FoodPanda

Line of business: dark store, delivery
Foodpanda operates 24/7 and delivers food to over 85 cities in Malaysia. Shipping costs vary depending on grocery store and target location. However, there are always special offers and food coupons that anyone may use. Data analytics has reduced delivery times by 50% for 30,000 Foodpanda carriers, and now one courier delivers up to three orders per hour on average. The app offers about 1,000 deals and discounts every month, including regular free shipping. The company works with over 6,000 restaurants. Foodpanda became the most popular food delivery app in Malaysia in 2020. About 75% of respondents in Malaysia said Foodpanda was the food delivery app they used the most. The mobile food delivery marketplace is owned by the Berlin-based Delivery Hero SE. Foodpanda Malaysia is now preparing to go into the online grocery business with its grocery delivery service called Pandamart. It is expected to sell food, beverages, health products, pharmaceuticals, and even electronics.
✔️ no minimum order amount
✔️ delivery from any store (more than 3,500 stores)
✔️ delivery of affordable everyday items
✔️ average delivery time 25 minutes
Pandamart opened in July 2020 and currently operates 25 dark stores in Malaysia

Visit to SmartBite

Line of business: cloud kitchen, catering
SmartBite is a service that delivers ready meals from restaurants. In addition to offering catering services through more than 200 suppliers, SmartBite has partnered with various restaurants in Malaysia, delivering not only to individuals, but also to meetings and seminars. The team also developed the Smart-Canteen approach, which aims to deliver delicious food to employees, packaged in separate boxes. Customers can look forward to a wide range of cuisines from both the East and the West. In addition to the more common Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisines, the company offers Italian, Philippine, and Mediterranean delicacies. A minimum order is required, and the price will vary depending on restaurants and food service establishments.

Day 5
July 14

Visit to Shopee

Line of business: e-commerce
Singapore’s e-commerce platform was launched in 2015 and expanded to Malaysia the same year. The platform also offers many job opportunities for employees from different fields making it accessible to both graduates and experienced professionals. In 2019, the platform had 200 million downloads. In the second quarter of 2019, Shopee’s gross orders rose 92.7% to reach 246.3 million, up from 127.8 million a year ago. The gross value of goods also rose 72.7% to reach $ 3.8 billion in 2019, up from $ 2.2 billion a year ago. According to iPrice's 21st 2019 Ecommerce Report, Shopee was the top shopping app in terms of monthly active users, total downloads, and websites with the most visits, beating its competitors Lazada and Tokopedia. In Malaysia, Shopee became the third most visited e-commerce platform in the fourth quarter of 2017, replacing Lelong and “overtaking Lazada to become the best app on both Google Play and iOS app stores.”

Visit to The Nakedlunch

Line of business: delivery
Healthy eating has never been easier thanks to the incredible chefs and amazing minds that created TheNakedLunchbox. The team supports the idea of following a wholesome diet in real life and hopes to inspire people with delicious and healthy food. All TheNakedLunchbox meals are prepared with superfoods and fresh ingredients. Each one is carefully designed to achieve a balance of nutrients. Even the dressings are prepared by chefs from scratch without any additional preservatives. The menu includes light snacks, superfoods, sandwiches, and main courses. Family-style meals for four people are also offered. Customers can also sign up for the Eat Clean 5-Day Meal Plan, which includes free juice and dessert!

Day 6
July 15

Visit to Lalamove

Line of business: delivery
Lalamove promises to provide food suppliers with the most efficient logistics solution for their online food business. It welcomes anyone who runs a restaurant, a grocery stall, a coffee shop and or a chain store and partners with them to provide the most reliable food delivery service. Lalamove’s team prioritizes fair transport service and charges zero commission for all deliveries. Food vendors can choose suitable vehicles for food delivery, and Lalamove will find the right drivers instantly. In addition to the original food packaging provided by suppliers, Lalabags will be used to ensure food safety, freshness, and hygiene. Some of the food companies that have partnered with Lalamove include Inside Scoop, Salad Atelier, and CakeTogether.

Visit to 7 Eleven

Line of business: retail
7-Eleven is the largest chain of small stores in 18 countries operated by Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd, primarily on a franchise basis. It is a large network with more than 36,000 branches. Its biggest chains are in Japan, USA, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand. 7-Eleven, Inc. is the American subsidiary of the Japanese Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd, which, in turn, is owned by the Japanese Seven & I Holdings Co. The 7-Eleven chain owns several product brands, including Slurpee, a semi-frozen soft drink (slush ice) first introduced in 1967, and Big Gulp, a soft drink served in a large 590 ml to 1.8 litre glass first introduced in 1980. The American division of the company is headquartered in One Arts Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. In the 500 Franchise Entrepreneurs rating, 7-Eleven is ranked first. In addition, it is ranked 38th among the fastest growing franchise networks and second in the Low-Cost Franchises

Day 7
July 16

Visit to Spotify

Line of business: audio streaming
Spotify is the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service today, with 356 million users, including 158 million subscribers in 178 markets.
• 158 million followers (as of Mrch 31, 2021)
• 356 million monthly active users (as of March 31, 2021)
• over € 21 billion paid to copyright holders (since launch)
• Spotify is available in 178 markets
• more than 70 million tracks
• over 2.6 million podcast titles
• north of 4 billion playlists Malaysians spend an average of 148 minutes on Spotify every day and stream 2.9 billion songs a year. These are the two reasons why the company calls Kuala Lumpur its home.

Visit to Google

Line of business: the best employers
Google LLC needs no introduction. The tech giant was founded in the United States and opened its office in Malaysia in 2011. Google Malaysia is primarily a marketing and sales hub focusing on efforts like the Google Display Network, which advertises on news sites and blogs. The Malaysian team is also localising Google’s platform to populate Google Maps with real-time traffic congestion and street views. One of the ways Google Malaysia is solidifying its status as an attractive employer is through the creation of the Gerai Gugel Cafeteria, which serves a daily buffet lunch.

Day 8
July 17

Visitors may choose a tour of the city or be free to spend the day any way they like.

Day 9
July 18

The group returns home.

Small changes to the programme and visits to alternative businesses are possible due to scheduling conflicts and the human factor. We may also adapt the schedule to suit your wishes and needs.
What will you get from participation?
Learn about technological innovations in the foodtech industry.
Get a tremendous charge of new breakthrough ideas for business development.
Learn in practice effective management approaches.
Meet a unique community of entrepreneurs.
Find out the real reason for the success of the world's leading companies.
You will be able to learn from the experience of the best.

The cost of the program includes:


  • City tour;
  • Visiting companies listed in the program;
  • Meetings with company employees stated in the program;
  • Interpreter;
  • Transport support along the entire route;
  • Information materials on the program;
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa;
  • Accompaniment by an expert from FastForward;
  • Welcome dinner;
  • All taxes and fees.


The cost of the program does NOT include:


  • Air tickets;
  • Accommodation;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • Visa fees.
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