The Netherlands:
Delivery and Food Accelerators

march 2022
4 days
8 companies
Instead of learning them in theory, see the world’s best business practices in action!
Who will benefit from this tour?
The tour is suitable for business owners and managers who are interested in increasing the speed of delivery by optimizing internal processes, as well as those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of customer behaviour.

Day 1
March 12

The group arrives to Amsterdam.

Transfer to the hotel

Day 2
March 13

A tour of Amsterdam

On the tour, you will see all the best parts of Amsterdam:
- the canals and the crooked houses;
- the Royal Palace and the narrowest buildings;
- the medieval Waag (“weigh house”) and the Begijnhof;
- the old prison and the flower market;
- you will also have a chance to look at the city from above and to try the best herring in Amsterdam;
- secret places that the Amsterdammers don’t usually show to strangers, places that hold the soul and wonder of this charming city.

You will also learn:
what one may find in a Dutch cathedral;
how the King earns money on the side;
how the Russians fist engaged in industrial espionage in the Netherlands;
how the Dutch character was built through centuries;
how Amsterdam and the Amsterdammers live today, what kinds of things they consider important and not so much, what makes them happy and what makes them anxious.

Welcome dinner

Day 3
March 14

Visit to Rockstart

Line of business: food accelerator
One of the first multi-vertical accelerators in Europe, Rockstart was founded in Amsterdam in 2011 to give start-ups access to the market, capital, knowledge, and community. Since then, Rockstart has become an expert in building entire ecosystems around Digital Health, Smart Energy, and Artificial Intelligence. Since its inception, Rockstart has invested in over 150 start-ups and helped them grow. End result: over 69 million euros and over 700 employees. The company was initially based on holacracy, but has since moved away from it. Rockstart has experience in designing and implementing programmes for Maersk, Shell, the Dutch Ministry of Health, and many others.

Visit to Picnic

Line of business: delivery
Picnic is a fast-growing tech company that has developed a state-of-the-art home delivery system for the mass consumer. The Picnic online supermarket has revolutionised online grocery shopping in the Netherlands and beyond. Picnic has raised € 600 million from various investors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to fund its international expansion. Currently, the Dutch online supermarket delivers products to 125 cities in the Netherlands and Germany. The new investment will be used to expand production capacity in Europe, primarily in Germany and France.

Visit to Albert Heijn

Line of business: supermarket chain
Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Founded in 1887, it is the leading food retailer in the country and the market leader in online grocery shopping. It also operates in Belgium and Germany. The mission of the company is to offer all the ingredients for a better life. Albert Heijn delivers high-quality, safe, sustainable and wholesome food to millions of customers every day. The chain currently has three different price levels. Other Albert Heijn formats include, and Albert Heijn to go. The company uses many innovations in its stores. AH Mobile is AH's free smartphone app where users can make shopping lists, order groceries, or find recipes from Allerhand. AH Self-scan is a smart way to do shopping, where customers can use a hand-held scanner to scan products and pack them immediately, without having to stand in line at the cash register. Google Assistant and Google Home help users prepare the food they bought at the store, suggest recipes to choose from, and oversee the courier’s work.
• more than 1,000 stores
• Albert Heijn’s current market share is 42%
• about 100,000 employees

Day 4
March 15 

Visit to Kitchen Republic

Line of business:business incubator
Kitchen Republic
is a business incubator in the food industry. It is a fully equipped commercial kitchen that lowers the entry barrier for local manufacturers, start-ups, and quality food service providers, helping them to grow their businesses. Kitchen Republic is committed to supporting and helping local food businesses to develop. The company does this by creating an ideal food-tech environment for small entrepreneurs. Houthaven’s Kitchen Republic offers 5,000 sq. feet of kitchen space, creates sales opportunities and helps businesses with the knowledge and networking they need to operate. Kitchen Republic provides access to fully equipped starter kitchens, plug & play scalable appliances, superb rental kitchens, office space, and event venues.

Visit to

Line of business: delivery service
Just Eat Takeaway is an online food delivery marketplace based in Amsterdam, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 24 countries. It is an online portal that links the customer to restaurants, where customers can order food online from restaurant menus and have it delivered to their homes. With nearly 250,000 connected restaurants, Just Eat offers consumers a wide variety of food options. The company currently operates in 23 markets around the world. These include operations in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland, and partnerships in Colombia and Brazil. The website processes over 800,000 orders per month for 10,000 restaurants. used charge restaurants a 12% order commission, but the commission was increased to 13% on January 1, 2018. The company operates under different brand names in different countries. The company recently announced the launch of a supermarket delivery service in 50 cities in Germany via In addition, Just Eat Takeaway also plans to launch the service in the UK and the Netherlands, but no dates have been announced yet. According to the company, it will work with all major grocery chains and local stores and deliver goods to customers in 20-30 minutes.

Visit to
Line of business: online retail is an online store in the Netherlands that offers general goods in categories such as music, movies, electronics, toys, jewellery, watches, baby products, and gardening and household goods. It offers a variety of products such as books, toys, and electronics. has been called the Dutch Amazon. It has developed its own Spike system, with over 4 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Generating $ 1.3 billion annually, competes with Wehkamp, Amazon, and Overstock. It is the strongest retail brand with the most anticipated growth in the Netherlands, according to a study published in 2015. It is owned by Ahold Delhaize. employees show great interest in website personalisation, bundling, and CoEs. is self-organizing.

Day 5
March 16 

Visit to  SPAR

Line of business: supermarket chain
SPAR is a Dutch supermarket chain. SPAR Express has stores ranging from 100 to 300 square metres that sell basic products, as well as many convenience and ready-to-eat foods. SPAR Express is tailored to customers who wish to buy just a few necessities or have a quick snack. The SPAR Express range is geared towards shoppers looking to buy groceries on the go and those who are used to replenishing their weekly supplies at larger supermarkets. The SPAR Express format provides customers with everything they need, when they need it. Today, SPAR operates in 40 countries on four continents and has over 12,200 stores.

Visit to  Gorillas

Line of business: delivery
Gorillas is a Berlin-based delivery company that promises to deliver groceries to consumers within 10 minutes of ordering. Last year, the company expanded its operations to more than twelve cities, including Amsterdam, London, and Munich. It has now built over 40 micro-centres for order fulfilment. Founded by Kagan Suemer and Jörg Kuttner in 2020, Gorillas raised $ 290 million (€ 244 million) in investment. In March 2021, it became the fastest unicorn company in Germany with a valuation of $ 1 billion and a total of € 305 million raised. It currently ships products to nine countries and plans to expand its operations to more than ten countries and over 50 cities, including Paris and New York.

Day 6
March 17 

Free day

Day 7
March 18 
Small changes to the programme and visits to alternative businesses are possible due to scheduling conflicts and the human factor. We may also adapt the schedule to suit your wishes and needs.
What will you get from participation?
You will learn about the self-government system of companies with many years of experience.
Get a tremendous charge of new breakthrough ideas for business development.
Learn in practice effective management approaches.
Meet a unique community of entrepreneurs.
Find out the real reason for the success of the world's leading companies.
You will be able to learn from the experience of the best.

The cost of the program includes:

  • City tour;
  • Visiting companies listed in the program;
  • Meetings with company employees stated in the program;
  • Interpreter;
  • Transport support along the entire route;
  • Information materials on the program;
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa;
  • Accompaniment by an expert from FastForward;
  • All taxes and fees.


The cost of the program does NOT include:

  • Air tickets;
  • Accommodation;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Visa fees.
Since 2006, FastForward has been conducting management tours in Europe
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