We have been arranging management
tours since 2006.
We have a wealth of experience arranging management tours.
Since 2006, we have been professionally arranging both open and corporate visits that give participants the chance to gain experience, knowledge, and valuable business contacts. Each of our tours offers an opportunity to explore the key factors of success – from innovations, disruptive ideas, and technological breakthroughs, to recruiting the best professionals and retaining them.

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Our mission and values
Our mission is to help companies get a few steps closer to the Fortune 500 list. We value honesty with one’s colleagues and oneself, the success of our clients, innovations within a company and on the market, and the pursuit of high quality in ever endeavour.

Stay true to yourself and your values, and don't be afraid of difficulties or mistakes, and your clients will be happy!

Alesya Glushchuk FastForward CEO
Alesya Glushchuk

Since our most important resource is people, every member of our team is required to have corporate competencies such as a focus on results, eagerness to learn, honesty, openness, and positivity.

Boyko Yevheniia HR Manager
Boyko Yevheniia

When organizing a management tour, we primarily focus on the wishes of our clients, and our 13 years of experience help us to make the trip productive.

Irina Terzi Senior Program Developer Manager
Irina Terzi

It’s so nice when your job gives you satisfaction! An interesting product, an excellent, tight-knit team, a leader who always gives you boosts of positivity and motivation, all this makes me want to develop, move forward and grow!

Evgenia Serdyuk Customer Service Manager
Evgenia Serdyuk
Please take a look through the unique management tours organised by FastForward in the past. It is virtually impossible to describe all the ideas, thoughts, and discoveries made by the participants.

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The media on FastForward 
Innovation, technology, principles of operation, and people are the four key elements we pay attention to when organising a tour.
Walking around Google

Seeing and hearing everything first-hand is a thousand times better than reading about it.

How does one become a leading retailer?

Productive and effective management means continuous learning.

We have been entrusted with training bright staff and searching for groundbreaking business ideas
Employees of more than 250 companies have already taken part in our management tours

We have been entrusted with training some of the best and brightes and searching for groundbreaking business ideas 

Employees of more than 200 companies have already taken part in our management tours. Being part of such a unique project as FastForward is a great gift for tour participants and programme creators alike. As you immerse yourself in the world of high achievers and companies that produce incredible results, you absorbing as much as you can and then bringing that knowledge to your company to help improve it. We are truly proud of all of our projects and the ways they change people and businesses.    

FastForward Team